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We're all about the culture and cuisine

'Kanz & Muhul' by Matamaal is a tribute to our timeless Kashmiri cuisine and culture. We're bringing to you the pristine nature of the Valley of Kashmir along with products hand-crafted in small batches with care, staying true to the approach followed by our ancestors. 

What awaits you is an experiential journey with our K&M spices, dry fruits, tea leaves, artefacts & traditional utensils that are hand-crafted in small batches with utmost care and precision.

Our Story

One Tree Almonds

Kashmiri Walnuts

Dried Figs

Mushk Budij

Bhaderwah Rajma

Honey of the Gods!

We're all about the culture and cuisine, it's what ties us back to our roots.

Best of Jammu & Kashmir

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Matamaal Foundation

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce you to, a foundation we have created to fight hunger in the most transparent manner. A community-driven initiative to strengthen our resolve to provide selflessly and be there for our people in need through thick and thin. Please follow & share to stay connected as we embark on a brand new journey to give back to the society

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"As the Foodie's feasting season in Delhi continues, here's one more feast from Matamaal, the Kashmiri restaurant in Gurgaon..."

"Matamaal, the first Kashmiri Pandit restaurant in India, has come up with a handcrafted spice market, Kanz & Muhul, and they have everything from Kashmiri pickles to masalas..."

" Inheritance of flavours is a series with chefs, restaurateurs, hospitality experts and professionals about food memories and tastes of home..."

"Kanz and Muhul sells the best of produce from Kashmir including whole spices and spice blends from the region..."

"The consistency always comes from the spices, so we created a strong supply chain network in Kashmir and across the country to source the right ingredients..."

“While the idea of a pink colour tea may be fascinating, it sure is an acquired taste for those who didn't grow up drinking it, says Nalini Sadhu, chef-owner of Matamaal..."

"Traditional spices and other region-specific ingredients, which are available across India, under the name Kanz & Muhul (‘Mortar & Pestle’)..."

Nalini's Kitchen Stories

Find timeless recipes and stories, from our team at Matamaal Restaurants, that will take you through an experiential journey to Kashmiri Cuisine & Culture.
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Khos: A Versatile Essential in Every Kashmiri Household 💫

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Pearls of Wisdom: Health Benefits of Kashmiri Garlic 🧄

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A little extra love for this Gulkand!

Nothing is as calming as having a fresh toast smeared with Rose Petal Jam. It has the perfect consistency with soft strands of gulkand which smells of fresh damask roses. The scent itself is very soothing.

Payel Sannigrahi


Premium quality rice with aroma of goodness

The aroma of Mushk Budij cooked in the kitchen reminds me of my days spent in Kashmir. The quality of rice is very high with each grain giving you a distinct taste. Goes really well with curd topped with K&M's saffron.

Pinki Kishor


Authentic & Reliable

The best walnuts and almonds you can ever taste. I have been wanting to order these nuts straight from the valleys of Kashmir, glad that these dry fruits are not dark, oily or smelly. They taste really fresh and kudos for the careful packaging!

Krishnakoli Kumar


Best medicinal value

Easy to use, best Mountain Garlic straight from Himalaya! I have been consuming them for a long time now and I am already impressed with the health benefits. The clove size is small which makes it even easier to consume directly. Feels fresh.

Satyanarayan Mahto

Former Businessman

Precious morels straight from the wild!

My love for mushrooms has even grown more with these exquisite morels straight from the wilds of Kashmir! The texture is very soft and light. I cooked it with Kashmiri rice, amazing combination. The delivery was also very smooth with good customer support.

Saptaparni Mahalanabish


Flavourful and authentic blend

Tried Roganjosh Spice Blend at home with mutton and nothing is as convinient as cooking with this blend. It makes the curry very flavourful, giving a deep color. The best part is that the recipe card is given, just follow the instructions and you are good to go!

Robin Patoliya


Pure, untouched strands of Mongra Saffron

The moment I opened this packet of saffron, the fragnance of fresh saffron was all around! The strands are long and thin, blooms quickly in warm water. Very happy with the quality as the strands are not too dry but crisp at the same time, just the right balance.

Shomita Sreekanth


Healthy go-to snack!

I practice Yoga a lot and my only go-to snack is seeds with yogurt. Found this amazing mix of Super Seeds which contains the major edible seeds in one pack. Had a very smooth expirience with delivery, it was quick and great packaging.

Pragati Kumar


Let the bees do the talking

Perfect infused honey to add it to my baked products. Healthy alternative for sugar which gives a distinct fruity taste. I mostly add it to desserts or green teas, good purchase.

Nishita Kishore

Graphic Designer

Aromatic honey with a delicate flavour of Saffron

Ordered this White Honey which is infused with saffron. The consistency is perfect, easy to pour and add it to products. The flavour of saffron does not overpower the taste of honey but gives you a mild essence. Must buy

Jai Shrivas

Financial Analyst

The tea you can trust

I have been looking for authentic Sheer Chai for very long, thankfully found this one! It's my first expirience with salty teas which gives a lovely pink color. A perfect queer tasting drink for people who have not tasted it.

Shikha Sreekanth