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kunal kapoor

We're all about the culture and cuisine

Kanz & Muhul means Mortar & Pestle in Kashmiri and is a tribute to our timeless Kashmiri cuisine and culture. We're bringing to you the pristine nature of the Valley of Kashmir along with products hand-crafted in small batches with care, staying true to the approach followed by our ancestors. 

Our Story

Honey of the Gods!

We're all about the culture and cuisine, it's what ties us back to our roots.

Kashmiri Spice Market

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"As the Foodie's feasting season in Delhi continues, here's one more feast from Matamaal, the Kashmiri restaurant in Gurgaon..."

"Matamaal, the first Kashmiri Pandit restaurant in India, has come up with a handcrafted spice market, Kanz & Muhul, and they have everything from Kashmiri pickles to masalas..."

" Inheritance of flavours is a series with chefs, restaurateurs, hospitality experts and professionals about food memories and tastes of home..."

"Kanz and Muhul sells the best of produce from Kashmir including whole spices and spice blends from the region..."

"The consistency always comes from the spices, so we created a strong supply chain network in Kashmir and across the country to source the right ingredients..."

“While the idea of a pink colour tea may be fascinating, it sure is an acquired taste for those who didn't grow up drinking it, says Nalini Sadhu, chef-owner of Matamaal..."

"Traditional spices and other region-specific ingredients, which are available across India, under the name Kanz & Muhul (‘Mortar & Pestle’)..."

Nalini's Kitchen Stories

Find timeless recipes and stories, from our team at Matamaal Restaurants, that will take you through an experiential journey to Kashmiri Cuisine & Culture.
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