Season's Harvest Saffron - Mongra
Saffron - Mogra - Kanz & Muhul
Season's Harvest Saffron - Mongra
Season's Harvest Saffron - Mongra

Season's Harvest Saffron - Mongra

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Product description
 What is Saffron? Reddish orange strand like, stigma of crocus sativus flower. A premium variety, traditionally known as Mongra in Kashmir.
 How do you cook it? Take a small pinch of saffron strands, add in lukewarm water/milk and let it release the colour. Add it to gravies, pulavs, breads, milk based desserts and other bakery items.
 What does it taste like? Sweet floral taste with a hint of bitter. Warm and earthy after taste.
 Is it good for me? Rich in antioxidants, helps in stimulating the appetite and mood disorders.


Saffron has always been an expensive spice because of the presence of antioxidants, crocin, picrocrocin and safranal in it. The antioxidant crocin is known to contain anti-depressant properties, improve inflammation, reduce appetite, protect brain against damage and help in weight loss. Safranal, which gives saffron its unique aroma and color helps improve mood, memory, learning ability and helps against oxidative stress. Saffron is also identified as an aid against Alzheimer’s. With so many properties it is ought to be very special and is a must in every household even if in a minimal quantity.

Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Mahua Ghosh

The Saffron quality is superb.

MADAN Mohan Gandotra

Saffron is of good quality

Aditi Agarwal
The best saffron i have ever come across

The aroma is so authentic and prominent...i just can't get over it. The color and texture of strands indicate really high quality.

Ranjana Sharma
Saffron quality rating

Authentic product although costly.

Savitha Chotty
Good stuff

First time I’ve got a fresh stock of saffron!!

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Payel Sannigrahi

Nothing is as calming as having a fresh toast smeared with Rose Petal Jam. It has the perfect consistency with soft strands of gulkand which smells of fresh damask roses. The scent itself is very soothing.

Payel Sannigrahi

Satyanarayan Mahto

Easy to use, best Mountain Garlic straight from Himalaya! I have been consuming them for a long time now and I am already impressed with the health benefits. The clove size is small which makes it even easier to consume directly. Feels fresh.

Satyanarayan Mahto

Robin Patoliya

Tried Roganjosh Spice Blend at home with mutton and nothing is as convinient as cooking with this blend. It makes the curry very flavourful, giving a deep color. The best part is that the recipe card is given, just follow the instructions and you are good to go!

Robin Patoliya

Shikha Sreekanth

I have been looking for authentic Sheer Chai for very long, thankfully found this one! It's my first expirience with salty teas which gives a lovely pink color. A perfect queer tasting drink for people who have not tasted it.

Shikha Sreekanth