About Kanz & Muhul

'Kanz & Muhul' by Matamaal is a tribute to our timeless Kashmiri cuisine and culture. We're bringing to you the pristine nature of the Valley of Kashmir along with products hand-crafted in small batches with care, staying true to the approach followed by our ancestors. 

What awaits you is an experiential journey with our K&M spices, dry fruits, tea leaves, artefacts & traditional utensils that are hand-crafted in small batches with utmost care and precision.

Our range of products are born colourful, just the way they should be. 

'Kanz & Muhul' literally translates to a bigger version of the 'Mortar & Pestle'. Most Kashmiris born before the 60s would have seen these set of tools in the aangan (garden) of their homes. It would come in handy during the preparation for weddings when ladies of the house or helpers from outside would grind red chillies. Jigri, would hand-pick the best possible red chillies from Maharajganj, Downtown, Srinagar and further sun-dry them to crisp. Soon, the ladies of the house and the neighbourhood, would get together to remove the stem and the seeds from the chillies and would make the garden a chattering ground while sipping on Sheer chai and biting into a Telvuru. The ladies would then, turn by turn, pound the chillies and sieve the ground spices to separate the coarser from the finer particles. These spices were really special and would last for a long, long time.