Taranga 👑👸🏻

The Pheran, Dejhoor and Tarang Caps were introduced into the Pandit community for Pandit Women in 12th Century. Taranga which comprises of three narrow and continuous wraps over and around the head and the final round having Moharlath which is starched and glazed over with an agate stone, crystal or a soft giant shell. The traditional dress of Kashmiri Pandit women which includes Phiren was always incomplete in absence of the Taranga and red headgear with white fillet around and a ‘Zuij and lath of Poesch hanging from the back. The Taranga was an essential item for all ranks of female folk with certain stringent rules for married according to the respective stages. It is said in many books that Taranga had both religious and historical importance for Kashmiri Pandit women. In another book it is said that Shankaracharya visited the Valley in the eighth century and lodged atop the hill in a shed with Brahmans of the temple and Goddess Sharda administered the final test to Shankaracharya to prove to the World his power to ascend the throne of learning and character when he defeated all the participants in the discussion except the Brahman’s daughter-in-law who discussed the Shakti doctrine with him. He was extremely pleased with her mastery of the subject and awarded her a skull cap called Taranga to dress her head. Now the same Taranga has remained confined to a few hours on the day of marriage of a bride