Hope Kits drive

About the Initiative:

The ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic has caused massive disruptions and dislocation, globally. The effects have been particularly grim in India, where an emergency lockdown has brought daily sustenance to a screeching halt for many, especially the migrants, daily-wage earners and the poor. True to our ideals, our Team at the Matamaal Restaurant, Gurgaon, has continued to serve cooked meals for the migrant workers and stray animals on the streets. 

What we have Achieved so far:

The Team has served 12,000+ cooked meals to migrants, daily-wage earners and other persons in Gurgaon, as well as 3,000+ meals for stray animals, in association with some of the prominent local NGOs and Government Authorities. This has been in addition to the distribution of masks and sanitary equipment within the Team’s limited capacity.

You can read about some of our work so far, at these links: 

https://bit.ly/2wVJyLG (Indiatimes)

https://bit.ly/2xNdKZY (NDTV)


Looking at the Future:

As on date, the Government has already mandated the emergency for a period of six weeks, ending on May 03. As the lockdown intensifies, we now want to channelize our efforts and your kindness into the most impacted parts of the city, by reaching to the corners of the city with the distribution of 'Hope Kits'.

What is a ‘Hope Kit’?

As we shift our focus from cooked meals and look towards providing more sustainable solutions to those who have been the worst affected by the lockdown, our Team will now be procuring and distributing ‘Hope Kits’. 

A 'Hope Kit' is a basket of essentials that can last for a week for a family of four. The kit consists of:

5 KGs of Rice, 

5 KGs of Wheat, 

1 Litre of Cooking Oil, and 

1 KG of Mixed Pulses.

Procuring one ‘Hope Kit’ comes at a cost of INR 460/- to our Team, and we undertake to use each and every rupee that comes through this portal, solely for procuring and distributing ‘Hope Kits’. 



Our Network:-

Our Team operates through an extensive network of alliances, for maximum impact and relief. 

For the procurement of supplies, we have been in association with our procurement vendors. Going forward, we are going to utilise our distribution network, i.e., the Dy. Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon (East), Civil Defence, Gurgaon and the Robin Hood Army to implement our plan for procuringing 'Hope Kits' and distributing them through systematic planning and dispatch to the most impacted areas.

Our highest priority is to provide effective relief in those heavily impacted areas that have been identified by the Civil Defence Authorities.



Our Procurement vendor: Garg Traders, Chakkarpur, Gurgaon


*Each donation received on this platform will be used solely towards procuring 'Hope Kits'; 

**Procurement Bills and Day-to-Day updates will be provided on this portal for completely transparency; 

***Any donor may contact us via WhatsApp for updates on Daily Outreach, Procurement Bills and other Day-to-Day updates; 

Certificate issued by the Deputy Commissioner, Gurugram, acknowledging efforts made by Our Team in the first week, providing 2,600 Units of Food Material and 1,000 Masks, to ensure relief, sustenance & livelihood for those in the most affected areas. 

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